How Do I Make Money From Towing Leads?

When you purchase our low cost Atlanta towing leads we supply you with 100% Exclusive Live Emergency Telephone Towing leads.  These callers need towing right now!

Most towing jobs are worth a minimum of $55-$85 plus mileage. So, each towing lead could make you a minimum of $75-$150 or more on average. This also means that as little as 5 towing leads could be worth anywhere from $275 to $750 or more.


How Much Are The Lead Packages?

Live Towing Leads range from $10 per lead to $15 per lead.  The more leads you buy, the cheaper each lead will be.  We offer discounts for larger lead packages.


Are There Any Additional Charges Other Than The Lead Package Fees?

No, there are no hidden charges or set-up fees.


Do The Towing Lead Calls Come In 24 Hrs A Day?

Yes, you should be ready to receive live towing leads 24hrs a day.  We can’t predict when people will need towing assistance.


How Do We Know If The Leads Are Good?

Every call is recorded for quality assurance. If the lead is not legitimate, you don’t pay for it.  We provide you with a call log for your records.


 Do You Charge For Missed Calls?

Yes, we still incur charges for every phone call that we send to you.  And there’s no way for us to verify the lead so it is very important to answer all calls.


 Where Do The Towing Leads Come From?

We own and operate multiple online towing properties in several states.  Most of our callers are using mobile applications when searching for a towing service.


What Areas Do You Cover?

We have towing leads coming from all over the metro Atlanta area.


 How Do I Get Started?

Simply select and purchase your lead package and start getting REAL, LIVE towing leads.

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